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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

farm fresh eggs, european butter and an egg crate, for xmas gifts

I have had so many things to say lately...but have no good way of getting them here with photos to go with.  All of my photos are on my iphone lately, and since those photos can't be accessed by a windows machine on the cloud, there they stay. 

:: down 30 pounds now, and I can say that it has helped my running tremendously

:: ran my fastest ever at the St. Pat's Day run in Manhattan this past weekend...what fun we all had!

:: I don't love being mid-project...must get back to work on our kitchen

:: my poor carson has been sick so much these past few months...is it moving on to 6th grade and a new school? 

:: biggest accomplishment so far this year:  Completing the YMCA indoor triathlon in February

::  love, love, love texting, playing WWF and meeting up with old friends. 

:: looking forward to our annual Chicago trip with Todd in May


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