oh hello there...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

testing...testing...is this thing on?

I've been away. 
Have you noticed? 
There have just been too many things. 
I just haven't been able to write. 
Nor have I taken any photos. 
Sad, huh?

I think I might be back now.
Back in my own skin;
Back into a little bit of a routine, now that school is out;
Back into the swing of things as they say.

I have poison ivy again,
more grey hairs,
and a deliciously tanned body.
I am ready for the summer and all of the fun things it brings...
including much more time at the pool,
I've got to get rid of these silly tan lines,
and read more books!

I've missed you and this place.
Thanks for waiting for me.


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Goddamn that poison ivy! Glad to see you back in bloggerland. :)