a host of nothingness

Friday, April 2, 2010

    • my past 2 weeks have been mentally and emotionally exhausting; I think I am over the hump now
    • I need some creativity in my life; I need some time and a place for creativity in my lkife
    • I have the best friends ever; dinner with one, wine with another, lunch with another and dinner with yet another all this week
    • I love my kids; ages 8 and 9 are the best.  Really, they are
    • family is all you have; it is the ONLY permanent thing in this world


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I agree with you. It´s the same for me. My kids (11 and 7)are the best, the real thing, the only thing to fight,to work, to wake up every mornin... to live.

Your photos are absolutely amazing! The windmill is cool. I was hoping I would see spring pictures at the top . . . okay, not to put more pressure on you! lol