on strength

Monday, March 15, 2010

A mere 2 weeks ago I had a whole post written in my head about strength.  I was feeling so strong in all these areas of my life. 
  • My legs were strong and were carrying me longer and longer distances.
  • My lungs were strong and breathing was extremely easy.
  • My heart was strong and I was able to be myself and not worry about others.
  • My head was strong and I was happy and content with the world around me.
Here I am today and it seems to have all fallen apart.  I have had several terrible runs in a row, and I am wondering if I will even be able to run this race in May.  My breathing is labored, I have a stitch in my side, and my legs are just pounding the pavement (and not in the good way).  My heart is heavy.  Work is stressful, friendships are strained, and decisions feel like they need to be made.  The world around me is not what I thought it was.  But is it ever?

I guess it just goes to show you...things change so very quickly and we need to remember to be content.  To be content with our lives, to not always be looking forward to wht is next, and to take things as they come...  enjoy our lives and ourselves and all of those around us.


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the last long run before my marathon i had a horrible run. i was supposed to be running 22 miles. it started bad and only got worse...i had side stitches from mile 2-18. finally i stopped at mile 18 and almost threw up. i hobbled back home defeated.

when the time came i did what i needed to do and ran my marathon.

i'm thinking my body just needed a break and the long run was just too much after a long summer of training.

could be the same thing with your running and life in general.

take a break. breath. enjoy life. start again the next day or two.

and by the way i still have bad runs...sometimes a few in a row. it just never seems to get easier...but that's because we're growing. growing as runners and as people.

I hope your photo walk the other night gave you a chance to take a break and enjoy the beauty all around you! I also hope you enjoyed that beautiful spring day we had yesterday! You are so awesome Amanda! I wish I was able to share my thoughts as openly as you do.