open letter to mr treadmill

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Dearest Mr Treadmill:

I have spent far too much time with you lately.  I know that you have good things to offer:
  • the TV
  • magazines or a book
  • a set pace
  • a "soft" surface
  • the distraction of other folks
However, I so much prefer to be outside.  Tonight, for instance, I shunned you and ran outside; on your enemy the asphalt, and I was in love again.  The air was cold, I saw my breath.  I breathed clean air, not the recycled stuff you have to offer.  I know that the temperature isn't as controlled as when I am with you, but that's ok...sweating through all my clothes and 2 sweat towels isn't my idea of a good look. 

I must thank you, though.   For you have afforded me the luxury to train inside in this, one of the coldest winters in recent history.  You have also made me stronger.  I was able to kick it in on my last half-mile tonight due to you.  Because of your sub 10-minute pace, I am able to run a sub 11-minute pace outside.

You will always be my friend, but I just don't feel the chemistry like I do with the outside.  I will continue to meet you for lunch sometimes, and will speak of your good qualities to my friends.  But I just can't say those th little words you beg for.  I can only say:  Thanks for being there for me when I need you!



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you are much kinder to the treadmill than i. i have tried to make it work with different treadmills and i just can't make it work. the call of the great outdoors is just too great.

glad you were able to get outside!

great post, inside is great in that lousy weather, but the fresh air, the scenery the smiles along the way how can you beat them!