the quiet

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here I sit in the still and quiet of the early morning.  I can hear the heater running,,,how often is it quiet enough in your house to hear the heater running?  Occasionally the dog shifts.  Sometimes I hear a sleepy sigh from one of the kids.

In 20 minutes I will wake the kids, I sill like to get in bed with them in the morning and cuddle a bit and wake them gently if I can.  I can't get enough of their sleepy, warm bodies in the cold mornings.

In 25 minutes the shower will start running.  The dog will scratch to go out, and already the quiet will start to dissolve.

In a half hour, the "mom"s will start.  The water will run for brushing teeth, and filling of water bottles.  The kids will inevitably find something to start bickering about.  We will begin the rushing about to get out the door for school and work.

...and my quiet will be gone...until tomorrow morning.

**photo from the beach in Georgetown, Grand Cayman