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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just a quick wish for a very happy new year from here in the middle of the Caribbean.  We are on the Norwegian Dawn, heading back to Miami.  We have had a fabulous, relaxing trip, and I think I might have caught the "cruise" bug.  Our next vacation might just have to be another cruise!


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Miami sounds so perfect right now - glad you enjoyed

Yea! Cruises are so easy, aren't they? Look at the crystal clear water (and that big kid. Holy smokes).

You suck! I only say that because I am insanely green with envy. Or is that with jealousy? Either way I wish I was there instead of here in Kansas with it's frigid temp. Bring some sun back with you please. :).

Oooohh, that blue water is beautiful! Sounds like a fabulous time.