You know what I mean?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I was catching up on magazine reading while on vacation last week, and a thought came to my mind:
Why is it when there are people's homes and lives are featured in magazines, their husbands aren't around?
Case in point: O at Home, Summer 2008 edition. There is a really nice article entitled Where the Living is Easy about Katleen Van Roost's vacation home in the Hampton's. What a beautiful home. What a beautiful woman. What beautiful kids. Katleen talks about why she and her husband bought the home, how they live like no one else in the Hampton's, etc. But...why didn't he show up for the photo shoot? Why wasn't he there for the interview? I don't get it. Is his life so busy and important that he couldn't be there? I know she is some important Belgian banker and all, but I bet her home(s) aren't featured in magazines ALL that often. (As a matter of fact, she is so important that I couldn't find one image of her in Google Image search, so here is a photo from the feature on Oprah's website.

Second Case: Cookie Magazine, June/July 2008 edition. There is a gorgeous pictorial and article about Liv Tyler talking about her "life as a mom, the superhuman stamina parenting can require, and what she has learned from her own highly unconventional childhood." I mean, this girl is hot. Plus, she has her 3 1/2 year old son Milo dressed in $106 shirts and $99 jeans. For God's sake, they won't fit next month. But I digress. Liv talks about her husband, Royston Langdon (WTF: no name British rocker who it appears is only in photos with his well known wife) and their brownstone in New York City; how Milo tings on his toy piano while his dad plays the real thing. But...he doesn't show up for the interview or the photo shoot. Isn't this a magazine about family life (and yes, I get that family doesn't necessarily mean mom, dad, 2.5 kids and a dog), but if the article is about the family, shouldn't they all be there? You would think that ole Royston would want to be in the pics so more people would figure out who he was and he could sell some more records.

I don't get it. If my house and family was in a magazine, you bet your ass my husband would be there for the interview and photo shoot! I just don't get it, and I thought maybe some of you more worldly people would know.
[now that I have typed this whole thing, I read that maybe Liv and spouse are split up. Oh well, same wondering holds true]


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One of the reasons Royston might not have shown up is that they're in the process of getting divorced. Sad, but true. They didn't reveal this in the article, of course, but it was already news by the time it came out.